What a surprise. A song written and preformed by 84 years old Ray Jessel on America’s got talent.

Not what I expected but for sure it made me laugh:) Go grandpa 🙂

I met this girl, She’s just great

this girl I just adore

the problem is

she has much more

than I had bargained for… she’s got a penis
she’s got that style

she’s got that smile

she’s got the walk

she’s got the talk

she’s got that zing

there’s just one thing

she’s s got a penis

she’s got that flare

knows what to wear

hes got that face

that girl is grace

she’s got pizazz too bad she has

a penis


now there’s always some failure

always some flaw

ain’t that what they call Murphy’s law

but male genitalia that’s where I draw the line

besides hers bigger than mine


my life’s a mess cause under that dress

she’s got a p-e-n-i-s