I have always been confused what it was. A sacred ritual? A Prince of Darkness worshiping? An orgy? Sacred sex? I know I was intrigued by it. Attracted. In a way scared. I know now that the fear was out of the unknown…

It’s always happened in a secluded location. The building was usually a cottage, an old castle or a kind of a chapel. And the venue was surrounded by a high stone fence making sure no invitees could enter.

It started with a peace of parchment with a sign. A star. When you received it it just turned your lips upwards into a smile.

I never knew how they knew the timing as there was absolutely nothing on the parchment. At night the cars would start coming to the venue. The parchment that was shown to the person all dressed in black at the entrance gate was the ticket to enter. Usually the drivers window would open just enough to let the parchment through. And you could see the fingers covered with a glove. White for men, red for woman.

As they arrive to the house and leave the vehicle you could see something great and shining. They were all dressed the same. Men are wearing a long red silk hooded vests and women white ones. They are also wearing masks that cover their eyes. They look glamorous.

They head into the house and downstairs. There is dimmed lighting everywhere. Candles. Incense burning somewhere. When arriving to the main room there is a large table in the middle of the room. Like an altar.

Men and woman that arrived formed a circle around the table. It’s covered with soft red velvet. The music starts to play. It’s magic. The main door to the room open and a man and woman enter the room. They are dressed in vests too. Black ones. With gold and silver belts around their waists.

They come to the altar and the man starts to speak something in an unknown language. And all the men  second him. When he finishes he turns to the woman that entered the room with him and now she stars to speak in the same unfamiliar language. Now the women second her. As she finishes they turn to each other and start to undress. They take the steps and go to the altar. Naked. And then it starts. They start making love to each other and the men and women in the room formed a tight circle around the altar and are completely quiet and observing the happening on the altar. It stays like this until the couple climaxes. And then the circle around the altar dissolves and they take place in the part of room of their choosing. They undress and start making love. Sex everywhere. Sacred sex?

It’s an interesting picture. You can see couples, threesomes, gang bangs,…

And it goes on and on…

At the beginning I thought this would end up as some worshiping ceremony with the culmination in sacred sex but as it looks now it’s just a sophisticated swinger club.