Quantum leap Success Resources review

As many of you already know some time ago I enrolled in T. Harv Eker’s signature program Quantum Leap.at MMI. So after attending more than half of the courses in the program here is my QUANTUM LEAP Success Resources review.

As you enroll in the quantum leap, the promise they make you is that if you follow up and implement the teachings from the different courses in a maximum of 3 years period, you will become a millionaire. Too good to be true?!

The price of the program? Well as it looks it varies. Depending on the county you purchase it in. The positive side is that you can pay the program by installments as it is quite an investment.

QUANTUM LEAP consists of the following programs:

Guerilla Business Intensive (5 days intensive) – How to create wealth quickly in any business you choose

Train the Trainer Certification (5 days intensive) – How to earn $20.000 a weekend teaching what you love

Freedom Trader Intensive (2 days intensive) – Grow your financial freedom account using the stock market

Never Work Again (4 days intensive) – Proven business and investment strategies to multiply your passive income

By now I have attended 3 out of 4 programs. My general opinion is OVERPROMISING, UDNERDELIVERING.

QUANTUM LEAP is a platform for Success Resources to pitch you other programs thus generating additional sales. It’s a never-ending story regarding the need to buy new programs to succeed in the subject of your choosing.

When they pitch you each program, there’s  A LOT of promises. When you attend the seminar they fail to deliver.

Train the trainer certification taught by Blair Singer is a great program, you get a lot, and they show you a lot.

It’s intense, 15 hours a day so if you decide to attend, get fit 😉 The funny thing is now I get to see all my peers doing what we were taught. Not implementing the knowledge into their personality and style. But out of the programs in QUANTUM LEAP, this is the one that gives you the understanding you can start using immediately.

However, keep in mind that it is essential to have an idea where you are headed to or want to go when you attend this training. This is the only way you will maximize your experience and get as much as possible out of the training for your business.

Freedom trader intensive taught by Marcus De Maria  – I can say a loss of money and time.

I attended it in London. More than 3/4 of attendees were non-UK citizens and still they dedicated the afternoon of the day 2 to a subject applicable only to UK residents. There was no practical knowledge given, less the chance to come home and start applying the knowledge to trading. Worse.

Several people actually bought some additional programs offered by  Marcus De Maria. Total crap. The weekly program in the format of webinar doesn’t give you any insight if you are not already a skilled trader. Or at least you know how to analyze the charts. As far as his academy is concerned, once you attend you are still not able to trade individually and independently. You have to purchase additional course. An investment twice as much as the academy (that is already a massive investment). If I knew all I knownow I would have never attend this course.I’d rather spend the time exploring London.

Later on, I have participated in some other training from other educators. I am starting to trade now, and that’s why I feel confident to evaluate this course as a loss of money and time. Should you be interested in trading and wish to learn more about the subject, find another educator.

Newer work again is a course where people that succeeded in different fields pitch their programs.

They start with a presentation about what they do, how are they doing it and what is possible to achieve by implementing their strategies and follow them. Great. However, if you are expecting the knowledge and strategies to ‘NEVER WORK AGAIN’ you are mistaken.

Of course, each of the speakers/teachers/presenters offers new courses on average between £2.000- 3.000. And from my experience, some of the investments are completely worth it. But keep in mind that this is the investment on top of your Quantum Leap. And later I found out that every few months there’s business and investment mastery in the UK, London. The same format, where the same people present their companies and where you can buy their programs. And guess what, you can get the ticket for Business and Investment Mastery FOR FREE.

As a bonus to QUANTUM LEAP, we got the Enlightened Warrior. FOR FREE. Yeeeey…However when I decided to attend I received a note stating that it is mandatory to reside in the resort booked by Success Resources. OK,so I don’t have to waste time with my booking. But surprise,  the price they charge you is three times more than you’d pay for it if you booked it yourself. Which of course you can’t as they book the whole resort for the time being. I regard this entirely unfair.

There’s still Guerilla Business Intensive ahead of me and to be honest, I am afraid it’s going to be like Never work again. A pitch for specialists from different fields who will try to sell their products.

Still considering if attending or not. I found this article speaking about the last GBI in Brasil which speaks highly of the program. However at the end of the article there’s annotation that Brasil lacks primary education, and from what the author described the program, 80% of that was already part of other QL programs 😉

Although 2 of the main things stressed out in Train the trainer are ‘Code of honor’ and ‘Integrity’ it is my personal experience that people running  Success Resources lack both.

If you are considering enrolling in QUANTUM LEAP I suggest you:

  • Ask the representative of the company that is selling you the program if they did the program. If they did ask when did they make their first million (remember the promise you will do it in 2-3 years) and how much money on top of QUANTUM LEAP did they invest to achieve this goal,
  • Don’t get pulled in the euphoria on MMI when they are offering you all the programs. It’s easy to get carried away and bare in mind that there’s a lot of programming going on on MMI,
  • Check the reviews online. There are many, and some have detailed descriptions so you can evaluate it and make your decision not only on promises but experience of people that attended the program, 
  • Sleep on it. You can book a course and then you are given a specific period to think about it, and you can still change your mind. Take advantage of this opportunity and if you do, make sure you only put a down payment and not the whole course,
  • Although they tell you that what they teach applies to any country, it is not true so check before you decide,
  • If you are not a novice in the fields covered by QL, there’s a slim chance that you will get a lot of useful things, and if you are a novice all the information you’ll be bombarded with might be too much,
  • Be prepared to invest much more in additional training if you want to become a millionaire.

Although I am being quite frank in my QUANTUM LEAP follow up I do not regret it. I met a lot of great people from all over the world, and some of them are becoming close and I am surrounded by like-minded people which is of the utmost importance.

Oh, and if you expect to meet T. Harv Eker on any of the above courses – good luck 🙂