I guess every woman dreams of a perfect man. We all have a picture painted in our minds how he looks, what he does, how he behaves….All clear. Or is it?

I guess we are so blinded by the picture of perfect man in our mind that we might miss the real thing when in front of us.

I just saw this written on facebook:

There are million different ways to say I love you:

  • put your seat belt on
  • watch your step
  • open the door
  • Did you eat?
  • get some rest……

You just have to listen.

And I realized. I had it. I had all that. I had a wonderful man in my life who was gentle, caring, always there for me. Of course he had a flaw. He was so stubborn and hardheaded that when we’d come to a confrontation I couldn’t move him. But this didn’t happen often.

He showered me with all the above. He was a pleasure to travel around with. And my mom loved him. And I was addicted to our relationship for almost all the time we had it. Almost 10 years. I felt I couldn’t live without him in my life. And in case we were on a non speaking terms (which only happened because of texting and not talking things through) my world was falling apart.

It took me a decade to realize that he’s a part of me although he’s not a part of my life. And I got the strength to stand up to him in an argument and stick to it. Usually he was the stronger one and persisted so I’d be the one to come back. Not this time.

I realized just now that I had a man that really loved me. And I even knew it then. It’s just that i was blinded by the chemistry I had with another guy. And I pushed away the only man that ever really loved me.

And I miss him. And I love him. I always will. Because he’s a part of me. And although he might not be a part of my life any more, he is and will always be a part of me.

My perfect man 🙂