I met with a friend after a long time and soon there was the question -How is your SEX life?

Great, for the first time I am in a long committed relationship 😉

His jaw dropped. I haven’t told him about any men in my life…So after few seconds I said : Let me explain..


There’s a guy I adore, I’d have sex with 10 times a day but he wants to fool around with others and come around now and then to get laid.

There’s a guy that’s great lay but he decided to have a girlfriend and now wants to have sex with me more times than he did when we had the affair.

There’s a guy that hates the first guy from the list as he blames him for missing out on me and as a result he got some girl pregnant and married her and is so miserable now. He keeps telling that if we maintain it purely physical there’s no problem with us having sex.

So as you can see that I have plenty to choose from therefore you can understand why THE VIBRATOR has been my best friend lately 😉