Millionaire Mind Intensive

Millionaire Mind Intensive ?!  Whaat?!?! That was my reaction when my friend mentioned it to me.

And then she said she thinks I would benefit from that. Really?!?! I am totally broke darling, I claimed bankruptcy a month ago so what the heck, I might as well go and see.  But it’s 3 days from dusk till late night. OMG. Noooooooo…

So I decided to go. In case I don’t like it I still have a chance not to go through it all.

Day 1

Big room, full of people, around 1000 and a loud man on the stage. Talking about jars. What is this a household class? When I started listening a bit more carefully, it starts to make sense.

The first thing my mind clashes to is COMPLETE WHAT YOU START...Wow, the story of my life as I always have so much going on I don’t complete unless really necessary.

CLARITY equals POWER. So true. I know. When I set my intentions and goals clearly I go for them and achieve them with no problem…This is getting interesting…

CONCLUSIONS are ILLUSIONS <3 and I am master of that, I can get to any WRONG and WORST conclusion possible 😉

Verbal conditioning, modelling and specific incidents made me realise that the single memory from my childhood conditioned my attitude towards the money I landed to other people. I did and they didn’t pay me back so I wrote that money off. God, you wish you knew me before I realised that, don’t you 😉

NOTHING HAS MEANING EXCEPT THE MEANING I GIVE IT!!! And I am great at giving negative meaning.

Day 2

Reconditioning. Facing my fears. Actually realising the fears in regards to the money I had.  Makes me laugh now, didn’t know about it. Did I mention that Mac Attram was the coach? I never heard of the guy before but by the end of the day 1 I was totally blown away and by the middle of day 2 I was totally engaged in the manifestation of money for Quantum Leap.

And the meditation. Loved it. Have to share it.

Facing the fears from childhood affecting our relationship with money, money and relationship issues, money and the common emotions related to it. I learned that EMOTION in E-MOTION = energy in motion. And what we do with it? We hold the emotion within instead of expressing it and letting it go. Silly, I know.

Were you aware that you have to celebrate every success? Regadless of how small. And you have to acknowledge success in the smallest things you do. I didn’t.  I do something that would have another person jumping through the roof and I go- yes, I know, no big deal. YES, IT IS. IT IS A BIG DEAL, so DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

I realised I was angry. At my mum, her mum, all my feminine line for conditioning me the way they did. Although they didn’t know better at that time and I know that. I admitted to myself I held anger within me. And I let it go 🙂 So proud of myself.

Day 3

FEAR. Facing the fear. Acting in spite of fear 🙂

Practising going through fear.

The highlight of the day was the exercise for facing and overcoming fear. And we did it. We were given the instructions how to approach it and do it step by step and we all did it. I was so proud of myself. And now I have a reference point for whenever fear is stopping me. I just remember the exercise and go IF I CAN DO THAT I CAN DO THIS.

Coming from where I come from in business, all the training and education in different fields I knew a lot of things that were in the program. However, they resonated differently to me this time. And I got so much of it.

Going to the MMI I was completely broke, no money aside. At the MMI I felt I needed to go further and from the moment I felt it I was only asking the Universe how to go there. On day 3 I somehow got some money to cover for the deposit for Quantum Leap and they gave me the chance to pay in instalments. How great is this? Is it good or good, as Mac would say;)

So, I am a bit more broke for the time being but positive if the Universe gave me this chance it will also provide the chances to carry it through.

I got a lot out of the program, I learned a lot, I set up my jars, I started doing the 90 day wealth conditioning program and I made a promise to myself to set up a sub-blog and write about my progress, ups and downs, positives and obstacles I will encounter from this day on by committing to do the program, applying the knowledge and strategies I will get in the Quantum Leap program in the next 18 months and to see how my path from a completely broke person at the verge of personal bankrupcy to a financially free person will evolve.


I must also start a success jurnal. I regard it as a success to have written a post after several months and I go celebrating it with a glass of wine.  Cheers 😉