Lost girl

When you embark on a travel experience you are always faced with the challenges. And if you are an Airbnb host you are up for stories. The lost girl was really something.

The lost girl was really something.

I live in a quarter where there are almost 50 buildings looking quite similar. However my building is near the parking place and I always give detailed and very graphic instruction how to get to my place. You’d think it’s be enough. Not for the lost girl;)

She came from the airport with the shuttle that can take her directly in front of my building. But no, she decided she wants to be dropped off somewhere else and come by herself. Half an hour after the agreed arrival she calls me that she’s lost. There’s a PUB nearby. Needless to mention that there are several Pubs nearby. So I asked her to give me some more detail so I can figure out where she was. I advised her to look at the number plate on the building but apparently all the number plates ceased to exist at that time. I asked for some landmarks so I could identify her location:

Is there a Post office you see?  No.

Can you see the Pharmacy from where you are? No.

Can you see the Bank? No. Oh, there’s a piece of paper on the door and it says DENTIST.

Stay there, I’m coming to get you.

She was standing in front of my dentist’s office that faces the Pharmacy and Post office of a distinct yellow color and a huge POST logo sign and she said she can’t see them.

OK, I found her immediately. As she mentioned she’ll be meeting some friends in the city I took her to the bus station and walked with her the route to my place so she doesn’t have problems with it.

In the middle of the night I see my Ipad lightening up and the phone ringing somewhere in the distance. I answer. It’s her. She doesn’t know where she is. I asked again to check the number at the entrance to the building. She can’t see them.

I dress up and go to look for her. As I exit my building I see her standing 30m from the entrance door. Do I need to say that I was pissed off?! She didn’t even bother to go to the door and check the number, of course she couldn’t see it from the distance at night.

Next day she left for a retreat and reminded me that she’s booked with me for another night at her return. Huraa:) Another chance for the lost girl.

On that day she asks me if she could bring her stuff to the apartment around 1 PM. Yes, she can. Then she sends a text saying she’ll com later in the evening. In the evening she informs me that she’d like to go to a venue with friends so she’d be home around midnight or later, is that OK? Yes, I plan to work so I will be awake at that time. Just please don’t forget the address and let the Taxi driver take you directly to the front door. She agreed.

A quarter past midnight my phone buzzes. Text. She’s here, can I buzz her in? Sure, I am doing it but I can’t see her standing in front of the door. A minute later she calls. She’s here. Can I let her in. I am buzzing her in but I can’t see her. Are you at no. 64? No, I am at 164.

WTF?!?!? It’s impossible as the numbers here go only up to 156. Where are you? What do you see? She stops listening and tells me that she’s walking back to the parking space. Great. She’s there. She’s looking at the green sign. Great. You are 50 m from me. A few meters behind the sign there’s a building, it’s no 68. Do you see it?


Great. Imagine walking through the building to the other side, my entrance is on the opposite site of this building, you can even unlock the door and walk through the building to the other side if it’s easier for you. Can you come here?


Minutes pass and nothing. Where are you? At no 26.

WTF?!?!? No 26 is 3 rows left from the building I told you to walk through.

Just wait there..

So once again I find myself chasing a lost girl at half past midnight as she can’t remember where to go nor listen to the instructions I give her.

When I find her I ask her if she didn’t give the Taxi driver the address to my place so he could drop her off at the entrance? No, she told him to drop her off somewhere else…

Because it’s really exciting to have your host looking for the lost girl that can’t tell where she is in the middle of the night.