Life long student

It’s nice to be a life long student. It’s nice to have the possibility to learn something every single day. And with the expansion of the internet the knowledge is entering our homes.

Well that’s not the life long student type I am talking about. Actually it’s about University. I just talked to a friend and realized i enrolled in 1993. Never finished. Decided to go back and finish it this year. A firm decision to stick with. I have decided to take 6 months off of every business I was doing and planed to do and make it my priority.

It’s a challenge. For me. I decided to do it several times in past 23 years. But it’s the last chance. And I have already set a date for my first exam. It’s in 3 weeks :S And the most amazing thing is that when I met with the professor I run into a guy I actually took last classes with. So I am not the only one 😉 And guess. He told me about others. There’s a lot of us from ancient times that decided to end it this year. And it feels great. There are people in their 40s who are still in Uni and we can support each other and even study together for the exams.

A bit like it was at times when I was a full time student. Before I started building a career I didn’t need education for. At least not the one I choose for my major 🙂

A life long student. That’s me 🙂 And not because it took me so long to get back to Uni. Because I like to learn. Learning languages, new skills, getting certificates in several fields. And more I learn the more I realize there’s so little I actually know. And I embark on a new learning adventure.

Besides finishing Uni I am taking Russian language classes. And listening to the songs helps a lot.

I love  “Подмосковные вечера”