There are some things you have to come to terms with THE person in your life. And you are eager for a heart to heart conversation.  Longing for it. The situation is frustrating. You need to get to the bottom of it and see where you stand.

Than it happens. He’s ready. To talk. And coming over. Finally. The clarification…And than you see him. Putting on a mask of determination. Kidding myself. He’s here so we can talk. And we’ll talk over coffee. Great. Until I start making the coffee and can’t help it. His presence and closeness are too much. I hug him. And my lips are drawn to his. We meet in a sweet gentle kiss. I know where is this heading. Certainly not to THE TALK. But I really don’t care.

Our lips are sealed together. It feels different. It’s more soft and tender. And I like it. I loose myself in his kisses. And we spend the next hour making out. With no clothes on 🙂 Just making out and a lot of kissing 🙂 Loved it. Every single moment of it. Longing for more. I adore him. Every single part of him. Every damn thing about his behavior that irritates me. Every smile he makes, every time he looks a bit embarrassed. When he shakes his head as a helpless child when I reassure him that I am having a blast and he seconds it. I wish I could spend more time with him, much more. To touch, feel, kiss him whenever I’d please. To fall asleep and wake up next to him. To feel his heart beat as I touch his wonderful chest…

He doesn’t. That’s what I suppose. Because we don’t get to talk. I know now we never will.

Needless to say that I love him. That’s why I am moving away. No more contacting, no more asking for his time. NO MORE.

Moving on. Stepping on the dating wheel. Saying yes to some friend’s fix ups 😀 Keeping my fingers crossed to get interested in some nice bloke. And to experience a lot of hanging out, kissing, making out and all that follows 😉