Ellen always ends her show with ‘Be kind to one another’. That’s what I like her. And she is really an embodiment of kindness.

I had a friend that was always shocked when she’d come to my office and see me talking to the cleaning lady or the receptionist. She couldn’t understand it why I talked to them. Why I knew about their families, holidays,…She kept asking me why would I even bother to engage with ‘that people’? First of all they are people. I don’t have it in me to differentiate people. And although I like animals more I still like people.And I considered them to be my co-workers. That’s why. I’ve always done that and I will always be.

I like it when I am in a store and at the counter I smile to the person working there and wish them a nice day and I see their smiles brightening up. It makes me feel good to see something like that makes someone else smile.

I like to feed the animals. ‘My birds’ always have plenty to eat on my balcony. And I love it when even in winter with the snow everywhere they sing to me every day.

You have to love the smile you give and receive back when someone holds the door for me when entering the building. Just yesterday I made someone’s day when giving them the parking spot with some extra parking time. I like to see the impact of a compliment on people. How many times do we forget to thank a person that has prepared us a meal – a mother, a partner, a child? A simple ‘Thank you’ does miracles.

I find it challenging to smile to everyone I see. They probably think I am crazy, but who cares. I am happy. And happiness is contagious. A simple act of kindness such as smile is very powerful. As powerful as giving a hug. Although some are shocked as not used to it. But I love hugs 🙂

You can help someone carry their stuff, help with the directions, give a lift, visit a friend you haven’t in a long time, give compliments…

Kindness costs nothing. Kindness is contagious. Kindness makes other people feel good. But most important Kindness makes you feel good.

Take just a minute today to practice random kindness. Call someone to let her/him know you care. Pay the toll for the car next to you. Donate some money to a charity or buy a hot meal for a homeless person. Pass it on. It will spread 🙂

So be kind to one another. Kindness is important but most important is that kindness starts with YOU. Don’t forget to  be kind to yourself.