Internet Scam is something we face every day. This is one of my experiences.

I was approached by HRH King Johnson Nwajima.From the email Internet scam.

HRH Johnson Nwajima

Internet scam HRH Johnson Nwajima

Apparently a king somewhere in Nigeria. Looking for a wife abroad. He is divorced as his ex wife cheated on him. Poor baby 😀

Of course I knew immediately this is an internet scam. So I told the person writing me that if they intend to scam me to give up immediately. Of course not. What am I thinking, he’s a genuine King and I doubt of him and his intentions…

OK, if that’s the way they want to play it I am in for a fun ride. So I start communicating with THEM. I say them because it was obvious from the way of writing that I was in contact with at least 4 different people.

And after a week he’s already head over heals for me and I am the chosen one. Let’s not waste any more time and get married immediately as he wants to make me his Queen. Wow I couldn’t be happier 😀 I start planning my bachelorette party (NOT) and we are getting some good loughs with my friends as they start calling me ‘The Queen’.

The first thing my friends do when we talk is they ask ‘What’s new with the King?’.

So after one week he wants my phone nr. As I also have a burner phone I give him this nr. And to my surprise I get a phone call from a person. I am having trouble not to start laughing when he introduces himself as His Royal Highness Johnson Nwajima. The nr. I got a call from is +234 803 384 6342. Of course I am so honored that with all he has to do he found time and called me. Wow. Hehehe, I like that someone spent some money on a certain call so I followed by sending him immediately this email:

I was blown away, if you knew me better you’d know I was shocked when you called. And not a lot can shock me.

To be honest with you – I’ve had many contacts like yours so far and after approx a week of communication there was the advance from whoever the person on the other side was to marry and for me to send them money by Western Union so they’d come to visit.

So you must forgive me if I entered this communication with the expectation to end like the above mentioned.

But from what I get now, YOU ARE REAL, it’s not an internet scam.

Wow….This does not change anything as I was completely honest with you so far I am just a bit…well don’t know how to describe it.

I’d like to see the celebrations but it’s my birthday the 24th of December so I usually go to spend the evening with family…so far it’s been like this. You never know what the future brings.

It sounds a bit lonely from what you are describing your average day. Do you have any pets? Do you live in a palace? Do you do your personal things yourself or you employ a bunch of people to do it for you?

So once again I mentioned internet scam. And I guess they were sure at this point they fooled me as part of the reply i received was:

From now henceforth, I call you my Queen because your already my Queen and nothing can change it. I believe you are real and I am happy to have someone like you who sounded real since I started my search to get a good and prudent wife. 

If you don’t spend the Christmas with me, then you should start planing to come January or February so that we can be together. If possible lets marry without wasting anytime because your a good woman. You don’t need to send me any money to come and see you because it is an abomination to my tradition. You can only support or assist your man or husband because of love but not the right thing or responsibility of the woman to give the man money.

My Queen I love you and will always love you.

Wow, how realistic 😀 So now we are about to get married so it’s time for me to know what I am up to as a Queen and to get to know my future husband a bit more. And most of all to waste some time to the team behind this scam so I send a long email with my concerns and questions. A lot of them.

My dear, now you are scaring me a bit. I told you I cannot say yes to being your queen until I get to know you in person, spend a little time with you and feel you and even though you turned out to be a real King, this does not change. It scares me to come to visit you and you talking about marriage without even knowing each other. I am not a kind of person I could say yes just like that. But if there’s mutual attraction, why not. And there’s also the thing about sex, I want to try it before I make my decision. I like sex, a lot of it and I like it with my man. In a long run there are 2 things important to me – open communication/friendship and sex with my partner as I want you to fulfill all my needs.

And then is the fact that I’d be coming to a completely new environment depending entirely on you. It’s something I’d have to digest. I have been taking care of myself since the age of 13 and that’s a huge step for me. Do you get where I am coming from? I have been always the one providing for others I am also taking care for my mom and I know that at least at the beginning I’d be totally depending on you. Would I be allowed to do some business there, would there be chances for me to do some work that would make me earn money? And there’s the fact that I’d like to visit my family & friends often so there’s the need for me to work to cover the travel expenses. And my business is really locally based and I have some things to finish with them before I live them and I can’t make all by internet (skype).

Would I be able to do some household stuff? I love to cook, I like to grow veggies, some other stuff.

Hope you don’t thing I am overcomplicating but what you are proposing is a huge change for me so I have to really think things through and completely know what am I getting in. And if I come to see you directly where are you from wouldn’t there be some expectations? How would you introduce me to people we’d run into? I know you said I am already your Queen but what if that ignition is not present? Wouldn’t that be awkward?

How tall are you? Can you send me some pictures from where you live? How big is actually your palace? Would we share the bedroom or do men and woman sleep in separate bedrooms over there?

Do you have skype, viber whatever mean of communication we could see each other? I’d like to talk more to you and see you.

I want to know more about you. Who are you, not as a King but as a person? What do you like, what are your fears. When I come to see you how will I have to address you? If I am asking some questions that seem stupid it’s just that I don’t know your tradition and I wouldn’t want to offend you out of ignorance.

I asked some questions in the email where I told you about my fears, is it possible for you to answer them?

Is the phone nr. You called me from your landline or your mobile? If it’s mobile is it appropriate for me to send you a text when I think of you? Do you answer your phone or do you have an assistant to do it? Is there any english site I could learn about your tradition, history of your country, your language, you?

He’s not good with writing. He’s a man of actions. And he skipped almost all my questions. Even felt offended that he poured out his heart to me and I didn’t jump at it. Oh gosh, I was almost starting to think I am a bad person. I managed to persuade him to take it slowly so we did. And I must admit that I was more and more curious every day to see where this scam was going. There were endless emails declaring his undying love for me and the wish to see me ASAP. So I said yes. More pictures that he sent and also one of his house (although in one of the previous emails he said that he lived in a Palace 😉

IGWE`s House

Internet scam house of HRH Johnson Nwajima

By now I have checked about the Visa for Nigeria and I knew that the application needed to have an invitation from a person in Nigeria that is backed up by the copy of the Passport. So I really wanted to know how they will get out of this. I sent them the link to the embassy that I would apply for Visa at with all the details needed for the Visa. They ignored it. Instead I got the reply that I was his lucky charm that since I entered his life things are going great for him and he landed a big contract with the state government. (ALARM!!!!)

Here’s the proof.


Internet scam HRH Johnson Nwajima accepting the certificate from the state government


Internet scam The certificate awarded to HRH -fake


Internet scam HRH Johnson Nwajima accepting the certificate from the state government

I was so proud. My honey was doing good business so he will provide for me and our children. Yes, he said we should have children ASAP. And after that I think they changed the main role of the King as the person that started communicating began to use a lot of God and religion related expression. And of course didn’t mind that I was completely against it and I stressed several times I am not a religious person and Love is my religion.

And so proud I was that I wanted to see him immediately. But gosh, the Visa application takes about 3 weeks + there are several vaccines you have to take before and submit the proof with the application. So I sent the letter of invitation with all my data filled in for my King to fill in his data and to provide the copy of passport. Of course I was so happy as I would see him soon. I already scheduled an appointment at the Nigerian Embassy, bought the plane ticket (as the embassy is 500 + km away from where I live) and went for the vaccination. I was so excited when I wrote to him this. And he said that his Secretary will prepare everything and send it to me.

Then nothing happened Instead I got GOOD NEWS MY QUEEN:

My Queen how is your health now, hope your getting better today by the Grace of God. I just came out of the meeting few mins ago over the part payment of the contract awarded to me by the Federal Government so that I can begin the supply and I was instructed to open an account with the Royale bank of Scotland where the Federal Government of Nigeria operates so that it will be easier to pay me the total sum of $4.5m to start the supply and when I am done, they will pay me the balance of $1.7m. Please I want to come to Europe and buy those Vans and some Equipment in Germany as you advised me. Please I was asked to open an Account the Royale bank of Scotland so that they will pay me, so can I trust you to use your name to open the account so that it will be easier for me through you to withdraw the money in Europe as I don`t not operate in any account in Europe. I have trusted you already and that is the reason I want to spend my whole life with you.

I need your urgent respond so that I can contact the Royale bank of Scotland tomorrow morning to get there requirements on how to open the account.

So, finally after almost a month of communication the things started to evolve. Of course I will help him, he’s my future husband and I love him and there’s not a thing I wouldn’t do for him. He just needs to give me the instructions so I can proceed.  I guess the team of Scammers was already celebrating their victory, but I was already a bit bored. So given the fact that he completely ignored my Visa application process and documentation needed I decided that he’s no longer interested in me and I played a jealous woman:

I am sad and angry. You are playing me. You said you wanted me to come to visit you for Christmas and now that I set all things in motion to get there as soon as possible, already booked an appointment with Nigerian Embassy in Budapest, bought a plane ticket to Budapest and booked a hotel there as I need to spend 2 days there, you come back to me with the excuse about your PA not having the Passport?! Are you kidding me?! I know, it’s just the excuse. I’ve noticed. You haven’t even commented on a nice hotel I booked in Lagos. I know it. There’s another woman. And you don’t want me any more. You didn’t even say you loved me. And you always did. You used to do it all the time. And now you write to me almost never. Of course. It’s the story of my life.

Let the bank send me the documentation, I have to think what to do.

I really don’t know. I feel betrayed. I feel sad. I can’t stop the tears. Thought you were special and now this. I don’t know if I trust you any more. I am being honest. Maybe a bit emotional now but that’s how I feel. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow. I don’t know.I have a day off. You remember, I was supposed to get the vaccination to come to visit you, but now I am not as you clearly don’t want me to come and be with you…

I put quite an effort in writing this as it is totally not who I am, but if I am playing a part of a woman in love let’s do it to the extremes. And of course they try to calm me down but at the same time don’t forget to mention the deal.

Honey why are you talking like this to me? You how I love you so much and how I really want you to be with me always, please don’t say such ill words to me again cos I love you and will always love you okay! No woman is with me neither any woman live with me, your free to call me at all times even midnight and find out if am with any woman. Your my wife and nothing can change it okay! Please If I’ve offended you, please forgive me cos I will make it up to you with a new jeep and some money to use to do charity work on my name in your country when I come over to buy those Vans and other Equipments. This is my promise and I swear by my throne to do so.

Give me all the information I need for the Bank okay!

I love you my Queen.

HRH King Johnson.

So my team (my friends who have been in this with me from the beginning) decides not to write back as usual. So I leave it for a day. And of course he is all worried about my health…and he needs the details to open the bank account. And my friend comes up with the idea to let them pay for all that I have spent for the Visa application and vaccination. If it’s not clear by now I never received the letter of invitation or whatever, there were various excuses about applying for Passport now, taking a long time etc…

And I was still mad about this ‘coz I spent quite a lot of money in the process and I wanted the money refunded.

I am numb. It’s just that feeling. Emptiness. Lost. Sad.

First you want me to come and meet you. When I agree and spend a lot of money to make it happen, you change. So far i spent 750 € for the visit and that’s excluding the plane ticket to Lagos and the hotel. And I don’t have the invitation letter so I bought the ticket for Budapest in vain. Because I have nothing to submit for the Visa application at the Embassy on monday. And why? Because I trusted you. There’s no point of going to Budapest at all. Will you be reimbursing me for the money I lost? I could have spent it for the donations here and not something that will not happen.

Suddenly you ignore everything about my visit.

You want me to trust you and make something for you. I should trust you when you are playing me?! No go. Show me that you are the men of your words as you pointed out in the past, reimburse me for the money I lost with the donation to a charity of my choice and then have the bank send me all the necessary to open the account. Show med that I can trust you and you will have my trust…

Although I am still not convinced that there’s not another woman involved. Why else would you loose interest in me coming over to meet and get to know each other?

This time they get angry. But at the end thy are making fun of me…Well I think that at this point it must have been clear to them that I am playing them.

I am so disappointed in you by all this false accusation towards me. What do you take me for, a King who lies or play games? Do you know how much I have putting in this contracts and even my chiefs just to get it? How much did you spend that I won’t be able to pay you? By the way do you need any invitation to come yo Nigeria and see me?

I see that there’s been a change in the person replying as he/she asks things I have already explained. After this I went away for holidays and I failed to reply for a few days. And of course the King dumped me with the following words:


Now I know that your not real but a game player. Thank you for deciving me.


HRH King Johnson.

After he sad he’d love me forever 😀 Left me with a bleeding heart. NOT 🙂

I admit, I had time and a lot of people around me had a lot of fun playing this players. But from what I could learn from internet they are really successful in scamming people.

So far there have been several attempts of peps trying to scam me. These are the things to be careful about:

  • the person declares his love after few days
  • the offer you are receiving is too good to be true
  • a lot of grammar/spelling mistakes
  • asking about personal information, bank account etc…
  • usage of, accounts

I must say these group was well organized and had a lot of pictures at their disposal. In order for them not to be able to use them any more (I do hope that people that receive pictures from scammers do run the reverse picture search) I am putting all of them here.

Internet scam

Internet scam HRH Johnson Nwajima King of Kuwait


Internet Scam HRH Johnson Nwajima


Internet Scam HRH Johnson Nwajima


Internet Scam HRH Johnson Nwajima


Internet Scam HRH Johnson Nwajima attending to the poor


Internet Scam HRH Johnson Nwajima meeting with other kings


Internet Scam HRH Johnson Nwajima visiting the widows