Listing a room on Airbnb sure is a source of endless interesting ‪‎#hoststories‬. Some crazy, some a bit scary.

I was talking to a couple that stayed with me recently about my experience and they said these things should be written down. So I am doing. Just a few.

I’ve hosted more than hundred guests/couples so far.  But some of them stand out. Positively, negatively or weirdly.

I live in central Europe. I had a couple that decided to walk from Marseilles (South France) to Greece. And they were good. They had a 6 months old border collie with them that fell off her feet every day they’d come home. When they came to me they’d been on the walk for 3 months. But the nature was going against them as the days started to get shorter and the Winter started kicking in. And it was getting impossible for them to sleep in a tent outdoors. After a week of staying with me they got on Blablacar, got a ride and headed home with the intention to continue their journey in spring. I just saw it on Facebook they are now walking in South America. Without the dog.

I had an elderly couple from South America that came here with their dog who just had puppies before they left. Their stay was one of the most challenging for me as they didn’t understand any English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and I only understand few Portuguese words. So we were communicating a lot with our hands, showing pictures on tablets, drawing…I just wonder who did they have their communication prior to their arrival translated by as it was in perfect English.

The creepiest guest was a 23 years old boy from USA. He comes from a very wealthy family with several members in the top political and military positions. He was escaping his family by traveling the world. He’s a really nice boy but his upbringing and lack of parental love (the parents were present but from what he’s told me it would have been better they weren’t) has left severe marks on him. He was paranoid. He’d never stay in one place more than 2 days. If he stayed in one city for a longer period he’d change housing every 2 days. He was walking around with 2 wallets, one almost empty in case he’d get robbed to hand this one to the robbers. He’d also walk around with a hand defense wrench and a pocket knife in order to beat up or cut a person that’s attack me. The first night he stayed with me we had a few drinks and he was pouring his heart out to me. And at the end of the evening when he was pretty drunk he proposed to teach me how to use a knife for self defense. And as I was doing the dishes he was looking around the kitchen explaining to me which tools I can use as a weapon. I was quite happy about his decision to move every 2 days;)

There was a last minute booking from a girl from Germany. She was actually booking for her boyfriend that was already in my city. And he checked in less than half an hour after she finished the booking. It was lunchtime although my check in is after 17 HRS. But why complicate if there’s a chance to let a person in. He comes, checks in, I show him all the rooms and he’s tired so he goes to sleep. After a couple of hours I go out and I get a call from a German number. It’s him. He wants to talk. He doesn’t like it here. Apparently it’s not what it’s on the pictures. I figure it was his girlfriend that was doing the booking so he probably had no idea where he was going. But since she said that the alternative to my place (in case i wouldn’t approve the booking) was some lame hostel, I really couldn’t get it what was wrong. I headed back home, contacted Airbnb in the meantime to get advice how to handle the situation. As I came home he told me he hates bathtubs and I have a bathtub. Gosh. I am really sorry if you didn’t read the descriptions. Even more sorry that you decided to book when you were already in my town and exhausted from the 1200 km drive and needed a place to crash. But he decided to stay anyway as he apparently had so many meetings and he’s be only spending the nights in the room. OK. Works for me. At the end he’d be home almost all the time, we’d end up talking for hours and me being the biggest support for the business he had to do here and the day he left he invited me to his wedding.

More #‎hoststories‬‬ to follow.