My path to financial freedom

So, the MMI is over. The energy is still high and financial freedom on the top of my mind.

As we were given a chance to change our minds in 2 weeks time after the enrolment in QUANTUM LEAP I did a research a bit the web on comments about the programs. It’s said that it all about sales pitches. And it got me thinking. What do I do?! Do I cancel or stay? But, I have learned from my Ayahuasca experience that if I set my mind to the positive outcome about something, I will benefit from it. So, I am here.about

I used to be the ‘go to’ person if my ‘friends’ needed money. And when they were not returning it I was basically writing it off…So in some periods of my life, it was good to have me around 😉

With the exercises at the MMI I was able to identify where this kind of behaviour came from. I would have never imagined. And I dealt with it. And the day after MMI I went and confronted one of the people owing me money. And guess what. Got some money back. Not a lot but more than in the past years.

I was always really good at creating money. If I needed it I somehow created it and came into possession of it. But. Of course, there is a but. I always created just what I needed. And I never understood why. If I am capable of creating just enough money then I am capable of creating more than just for the necessities. And guess what? With the help of the exercises at MMI i got to the root of the problem. I know what belief conditioned me, I know where it came from. And I feel much lighter.

So, I decided, since completely broke at this time, to enrol into QUANTUM LEAP. Yes. From my current standpoint, it’s expensive as I don’t have the money, but I will create it since I have always been the creator and money magnet.
And I made a commitment to myself. I will report my progress on my blog. From this day on, I will write at least one blog per week about my progress on the path to financial freedom following the QUANTUM LEAP program.

My net worth at the moment is -2000 units (I will use units so everyone can understand). Yep, I am in red. And this is the first time I wrote everything down and acknowledged it. And guess what. It gave me some special strength. To change that. This is just a current situation. And I am about to change it.

So, since the end of MMI I already told you I got some money from the person that owes me a larger amount. Today she called me informing me that she applied for a loan at the bank and as soon as it is approved, I’ll get it back. I know I don’t have it still, but that’s much closer to getting it that I’ve been in years 😉 Is it good or good? And guess what, this time I am totally positive I will get the money back:)

Yesterday I was given a gift from my domain registrar in form of a free advertising for Google AdWords. And I am just working on fixing my site so it suits my goals, vision and mission and preparing an AdWords campaign. How cool is that??? I can double my investment now with this bonus they gave me. Yeeeey.

When purchasing Quantum Leap program, we were given some extra tickets. And guess what, I sold one today. Much bellow the price they were sold at the seminar, but my purpose is not to rip someone off but lowering a bit my tuition fee by allowing someone else to go to the seminar and benefit from that. I consider this a win-win situation. Me happy as I generated some money to lower my instalment and the buyer happy as he can attend the seminar for a really good price. I listened to T. Harv Ecker’s 500 million dollar secret seminar yesterday and he said

‘By helping one person to solve their problem, you make money.’

Well, it works:)

And of course, one of the important things in getting wealthy is that you GIVE. I have always been a great giver but had challenges when it came to receiving. Now I am working on this.

I support Kiva. Kiva is a non-profit organisation that lends money to people around the World to help them with their businesses without interests on the loan. As Kiva supporter you make a donation of 25 USD. Of course, you can give more, but this is the amount set to support a person. So, I’ve been in Kiva system for years and I have decided my GIVE jar will now be dedicated to it on a regular basis. I really feel great as by supporting Kiva you actually help people on their path to independence. And although Kiva operates without interests, people who you lend money to, repay it on time or even before time. If you don’t have the allocation of your GIVE jar, I invite you to join KIVA. The feeling of knowing you helped a person to their independence or to providing for their family is great.

And because


I have decided to give away quite some stuff from my wardrobe, books, etc…I looked for some groups on Facebook and looked up people looking for the items I have to give away. And this week I am already sending stuff out to them, have them coming to my place to take it…And it feels great. And I already feel a great energy in my apartment, a lighter and more supportive one. And guess what, some of the people I sent my stuff to sent me gifts 🙂 Yes, how great is that!!!

I am positive and energised as I have not been in a long time. And eager to see what next week has to offer and brings my way 🙂