I am Barbara. Age changing every day but in her 40es. When I create I am Filifiona.

I have a history in corporate and advertising world. And I got tired of it. My heart was not in it.

So I decided to quit and embark on a journey of discovering myself.

On this path, I came across Theta Healing and learned the technique. I did some REIKI classes, crystal therapy. Took 2 years of psychology. I went to meditation retreats, practised  Sudarshan Kriya, did Ayahuasca.

It all led me to creativity. But I was lacking inspiration. I am fortunate enough to have a best friend who believes in me. And encourages me. And she said: ‘just do 1 thing per day and it will open up to you’. It worked.

I started painting and making polymer clay jewellery for friends. And I was receiving feedback about the effect my work has on them. How calm or energised they feel when looking at the painting or wearing my piece. I realised all my training, practice, acquired knowledge resulted in energy I am imprinting in my pieces…

I especially like sacred geometry and flowers of life. Angels and archangels are also great, Metatron is my favourite. And lately, I like to play with glow in the dark effects in my pieces.

Creating is like meditation for me. I sit down in my studio or some other calm place and just start working. I start channelling till I finish.

As I believe my purpose is to help others, I do it by donating my time (some instances you can see in my blog) or money. I support Kiva and I believe I make a difference in the world. The thing I like most is that you can help a person with as little as 25 USD. Less than a lunch. And 10% of everything I earn, goes directly to Kiva.

The name Filifona is a tribute to my dad who is an angel now. It was something we had as I was a toddler. And when figuring out which way to go, Filifiona came in mind. I like the sound of it so Filifiona it is.

As I am a real person behind the artistic name, you can look me up on Facebook private profile

I am happy for all comments, questions, suggestions that you can leave on my posts or send them to filifiona@filifiona.com.



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