Airbnb feedback determines the fee host and guest pay to the company. That’s why it’s important to give them and to be fair in giving them.

I’ve been part of Airbnb community for quite a while now. Have more experience as a host than traveler but working in that direction.

One thing that always surprises me is the feedback from people. There are strict guidelines with check in, check out times, descriptions, house rules… But we all know that you cannot follow them all the time so sometimes people ask if they can check in sooner or check out later. And we are all human so if it’s doable I do it.

And then people communicate you they’d be arriving at a certain hour (early check in). Great. And you wait. No text to communicate they are running late. And that hour comes and passes by, and you wait for another hour and then 3 hours later than they said they’d arrive they are finally here. No sorry. As like you don’t have anything else to do. So dear travelers, be on time or if something comes up, let your host know you are running late.

And the other thing is location which usually comes up in feedbacks. Although you have the detailed location in your description, with the distance from all interesting stuff, people book it. And then they say is a bit off as it is not in the city center. Did you think the location would move by the time you’d arrive?

So, when making a booking look for what you really want. If you want to be in the city center don’t just look at the price, spend a few $ more and get another location. Don’t give bad location feedback if you knew what you are getting into. 

Cleanliness is another concept I don’t understand. I have a cleaning lady coming to clean up and she’s always done a great job. And then you have guests that are sharing the apartment and never clean after themselves, leaving the cups on the table, everything as they used it. And they give you a bad feedback regarding cleanliness?! Although the house rules clearly state that you clean after yourself. I had a couple staying at my place for a week and they were alone all the time and apparently they expected the cleaning lady to come every day to clean after them as their feedback on the topic was bad. Did I mention the night rate for room was 18$?! And when I came back I almost fainted as the apartment was filthy.

It’s NOT JUST THE PRICE of accommodation that is important it’s also what do you want. If you want to be in the center of everything look for an accommodation that is close to that. And above all READ ALL THE DESCRIPTIONS of the booking you are about to make.


Still, apart from some people I will never understand, nor try to understand, Airbnb is great as you get to meet all the great people from all over the world 🙂