Fast food lifestyle

I realized i live a totally fast food lifestyle. Not eating fast food often but always in a hurry.

It stroke me that I live in the current building for 3 years and I don’t know my neighbors. I know the mom from the apartment next to mine and that is solely because they have a cat. And I adore their cat. He’s often on the balcony and comes to my balcony. I was recently made aware they also have a dog. In 3 years I haven’t heard the dog barking once.

I know the family living under my apartment. The reason being the leaks from the balcony to their balcony and the insurance company needed both tenants.

And to be honest that’s pretty much all. And my building is a 4 floor building with total of 20 apartments.

It’s just scary to realize how you pass people by not noticing them at all. Not taking time to say hello, smile to a person, exchange a few words.

We (the people I engage with) are always in a hurry. Like chasing time. There’s never time to do some things. Like we’re chasing our lives. Instead of living it.

I’ve had a great international career by the time I was 30. I have earned (and spent) more money that the average person in my country earns in a lifetime. And I realized it was just for the purpose of filling the void.

It didn’t make me happy. I didn’t appreciate it. It was part of the fast food lifestyle.

Half a year ago, after an ayahuasca retreat I decided to change. Slow down. Stop chasing life and start living it. So I did. And part of the change was also this blog. And I started creating. Art. Painting. Jewelry. Photography.

It helped me get more awareness. Being aware of the moment. Noticing things. Not hurrying but stopping by the passing neighbor. Do some small talk with the people in the park. Appreciate the moment. And focus on beauty and positive things.

I changed. From fast food life to aware of the moment/ live in the moment life.