Christmas is a time of year known for the miracles to happen. It’s a family gathering, time of peace…


Christmas concert in Munich

Of course, if you were raised in a way for it to have this meaning to you.

As I was growing up my parents would always work on Christmas day so we never have dinner, went to midnight mass or opened the gifts on the Christmas morning. The kids from the neighborhood would gather at one place, watch TV together till we wanted as we were without adult supervision and eat whatever we’d prepare. And then we’d have fun commenting on what was on TV. And of course we’d be trimming the tree on 24th. That was the tradition. First at one house then we’d all move to the next and so on.

And if we managed to not fall asleep before midnight we’d go to midnight mass. Not for religious purposes, just fun.

Now I see Christmas as an exaggeration. In everything. The decorations are put everywhere in November so by the time it really comes you don’t have any feeling left.


Christmas decoration in Ljubljana

Many people are depressed. There’s a lot of talk about family, kindness, warmth….And many are alone. Not so long ago I was also getting moody when it would approach. And I’d be longing for something, not knowing what. Because the media would make this imprint in my mind. Until I realized. Christmas means nothing to me. Not in a way it’s perceived by most people. It’s a period when I can have some ME time. I love to watch all the new Hallmark Christmas movies and sleep in.

But there’s one thing I like of this time of the year – it’s brightness. There are lights everywhere. And it’s just difficult to understand that there’s so much light around in the period when most suicides occur.

And for all those who don’t like the holiday fuss there’s a video from Dr. Dain Heer to help you go through holidays.

Be yourself.