After trying Airbnb as guest it come to my mind that I have a spare room in my apartment and I might list it. So I did.

Wowww, from the moment I listed it it’s booked all the time. I even get requests for the days I am already booked and people want to stay even in my living room on a sofa bed.

OK, the reason is that during summer, my city is completely booked. And the other reason is that my flat is cozy and the fee is lower than in hostels.

I got to know a lot of interesting people. I like the energy of having a lot of different people around. And I try to make them feel home for the time they spend with me.

I met some people who are like old friends coming to visit and I really enjoyed their company. Talking about different stuff, learning from them. Learning about the city I live in;) To be honest, I know now that I didn’t know much before, cooking together…

And on the other hand there are people that think that you are there to serve them; that it is mandatory for you to pick them up from the station or airport, that you are obliged to make them breakfast, there’s always supposed to be enough food and drinks available….and all of this free of charge of course… And this kind of people still find something missing and write bad reviews…

Joining Airbnb family is a great experience. It helped me grow personally. It helps me stay positive all the time. It gives me the chance to exchange experiences, practice foreign languages….and hang out with people.

I realized that there hasn’t been a summer that I went out to the city so many times as I did this summer when I was showing people the town I live in.

Thank your #Airbnb for the amazing experience. And of course the possibility for covering the rent;)