Foam from washing machine

Airbnb host stories Laundry foam disaster

They were a nice Korean couple in their late 60s. I immediately liked them as they reminded me a bit of my folks. It’s nice that people decide to travel once they retire.

He was a retired businessman she was a teacher. From our online communication I could get they spoke English very well.

I was surprised when they arrived carrying only carry on suitcase. Wow, that’s the way to travel.

How did they manage it. By doing the laundry almost every day. And so they did as they visited me.

I set the machine so they only have to put the garments in the machine and switch it on. I explained it to them as I was heading out that evening and told them it would be done in less then an hour.

So it was quite a surprise for me when I returned a couple of hrs later to find the washing machine still running. And the foam all over the place 🙂

Laundry foam party

My guests were checking it all the time instead to retire to bed early. And wooohoo it was a surprise.

First i didn’t get what was wrong, maybe the washing machine malfunctioned. Then it stroke me. I keep a bottle of dish washing detergent on the shelf for pre-wash treatment of grease stains. Of course, this must be what happened. And I asked the nice lady if she put anything into machine. She pointed to the bottle.

And the washing machine was trying to rinse all the bubbles. In vain. We laughed a lot. As the machine was running for 2 hours by that time I just switched it off, opened it and started taking the foam out.




It wasn’t the typical foam for the foam party but for sure there was a lot of it. We rinsed all garments several times under running water and had the machine run empty for 3 runs with vinegar in order to have it totally rinsed.

So, this is what comes from misunderstanding.  I used transparent liquid detergent and the lady not seeing it felt like adding more of the wrong one.

Instead of them retiring to bed early they stayed up rinsing the garments till 2AM.